How to keep linear progression moving.

Make sure you aren’t making jumps in weight that are too aggressive

  • Buy your own fractional plates
  • If a specific lift has stalled try the following
    • Move the pressing motions to five sets of three once they stall
    • When the deadlift gets tough, drop a deadlift session each week
    • For Ladies and men over 55
      • 5 sets of 3’s on squat
      • 2 sets of 3’s on deadlift
    • Men under 55
      • Back your mid-week squat session off to 80% of your Monday.

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  1. Uncharted Territory 2 years ago

    Awesome episode. I’ve made the mistake of switching to an intermediate program too soon. This podcast has made me committed to running out LP as far as it will take me. My numbers are already higher than they’ve ever been. My question is about when to switch to smaller jumps. I’m 16 weeks in and at a 345 squat. I haven’t missed a rep. This is uncharted territory for me. I’d rather not stall so I’m considering dropping down from 2.5 to 1 lb jumps? So you recommend stalling first and then going to smaller jumps on the reset or making the jump sooner before a stall. Thank you for doing this podcast and providing us with this great resource.

    • Scott Hambrick 2 years ago

      For younger men, we rarely have them drop down to 2.5 pound jumps for squats. When you start to stall, you’re doing a light day midweek and have worked all of the tricks, it’s probably time for intermediate programming. Don’t stall. Hire a coach. The coach will lead you through it.

      • Uncharted Territory 2 years ago

        Thanks Scott. I’m 39 and 220 lbs so I don’t consider myself a young trainee. In fact, barbell prescription is an important resource for me. I’ll check out the coaching rates and go from there. Thanks.

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