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The Barbell Academy offers a complete pathway to become a strength coach.

Whether you are a curious and passionate trainee or on the path to becoming a Professional Barbell Coach, here you’ll find education, resources, and community to learn at a pace that works for you. Come join us and start applying client-centered, model-informed strength training that can help people improve their lives for good.

Kickstarting a coaching career can seem overwhelming,
but it doesn’t have to be…

The Coaching Kickstarter ebook will give you the tools and walk you through the steps you’ll need to coach others with confidence and competence. No permission slip required.



The fundamental knowledge and application you need to design and direct a basic barbell strength program. Critical for the passionate learner and early barbell strength coach.



A series of courses that takes the foundational knowledge learned in the Principles Course to a deeper level to help the aspiring barbell strength coach excel and impact lives.



Take your next step towards bringing strength training to a world that needs it in a way that aligns with your values through certification as a Professional Barbell Coach.


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