The Gospel of Hard

Learn about the good news – the gospel of hard. Hard things done intelligently and consistently create good results.

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The Gospel of Hard: Voluntary Hardship

We at Barbell Logic have been spreading the good news of voluntary hardship for years.

Truly, if you expose yourself to hard things, intelligently, consistently, good things will happen.

Truth be told, even if you do this somewhat poorly, the persistent hard work often produces results.

Hard does not feel good, especially at first. But if you repeatedly expose yourself to hard things and overcome them, you will learn to associate hard with opportunity, and build a lifelong habit of pursuing challenges and the fruits of these obstacles.

The Gospel of Hard: Physical & Psychological Benefits

This is Barbell Logic, so clearly we love the physical benefits from strength training.

That being said, the psychological changes matter and may be bigger.

Completing hard tasks builds confidence. It builds a pathway that you can apply in other areas of your life.

A heavy set of squats can help you become a better father or employee or friend.

We obviously love barbell and strength training, but we highly encourage you to pursue something hard regularly, especially in the physical realm.

See the fruits of your efforts.

If you’re looking to begin, but are stuck, look for a coach. Look for someone who can help you with technique and programming, but also connects well with you.

Experience the gospel of hard.




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