Milky Boys (Body Image) – Beast Over Burden

Have you (or are you currently) following the way of the milky boys? Have you had a milky boy phase?

It’s okay, many if not most of us have been a milky boy.

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Milky Boys

Have you decide to forego concerns about bodyfat, weight, waist, digestive health, time spent on the toilet, and any other fitness goals to pursue with reckless abandon the sweet, sweet call of the milky boys?

It’s okay – many of us have been there.

You push the milk to push your weight up to push the weight on the bar.

Bumping calories up a bit while ensuring you are consuming adequate protein and carbohydrates to support your goals? NAH – gallon of milk a day.

This episode is about body image, sustainable nutrition, and coming to terms with what you ACTUALLY want.

Skinny Boy to Milky Boy

Andrew shares his two opposing experiences of – in high school and college – drastically reducing calories to lose weight. He was underfed, weak, and not feeling great.

Spring forward, and it’s time to squeeze every milk-fueled drop out of LP. He was overfed, strong, and not feeling great.

Maybe these oppose each other, but like cowardice and rashness. You find the virtue in the mean.

With the help of Gillian and Niki, when confronted with potential options for where to take his nutrition and training, Niki asked, “What would that feel like?”

Milky Boy to Muscle Boy

He thought about what that would actually look and feel like, and it was bad.

What if the best way to lose weight was more gradual? What if, instead of going from mountain dew and pizza to chicken and broccoli, you took small, incremental, MED steps that helped you build habits along the way.

For example, let’s say for you alcohol is a non-negotiable and you find yourself averaging 35 drinks a week.

Instead of going to 0, what about going to 20 or 25? What about reducing the amount, seeing how that feels, seeing how you and your body react, and readdressing this change (and what you’d like to do) after you’ve processed it?

Scared of the Scale – Milky Boy Madness

The scale can be a problem.

You associate a picture, a time of your life, an image of your body, a level of performance with weight X. You want the body, the performance, the feeling. You need the habits to get you there. You don’t actually care about the number that pops up each morning.

You have to have a sanity check. Measuring waist can help. Monitoring lifting belt hole, how clothes fit, how you fit – these matter.

Also consider how you’ve done with nutrition. If you look better, feel better, and have honestly been doing pretty well with nutrition, don’t freak out about the scale.




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