Is Your Training Fun!? – Beast over Burden

Is your training fun!?

Niki Sims and Andrew Jackson discuss why they entitled this podcast “Beast over Burden,” feedback they’ve seen from listeners, and how they’ve come to think more about training for life.

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Is Your Training Fun!?

Some people seem to enjoy training more than others – Matt and Scott have discussed so-called “medicine takers.”

Acknowledging this, however, you should not dread every single workout. As your training session looms, your blood pressure should not increase. Training should not suck the joy out of you.

Andrew & Niki have noticed, both from the client and coach perspectives, that despite the effectiveness and helpfulness of the MED programming approach, sometimes more stress – even the minimum effective additional dose of stress – is counterproductive.

Increasing stress in these situations is not ineffective for physiological reasons, but because the client simply cannot continue to grind away with the same workouts and lifts. Is your training fun?

A change needs to happen – and that change isn’t the stereotypical “MED” change.

Beast Over Burden

Training should be fun. Of course, we don’t begin to train for fun, but rather because we’ve identified trends we want to stop and problems we would like to solve.

You want to be stronger, healthier, more confident. These things actually enable you to have fun outside the gym.

If you don’t burden yourself with challenging training, then physical limitations will burden you later in life. Then you’ll burden your loved ones.

Training empowers you throughout your life, making you more capable and helping prevent your reliance on others as you age.

Is your training empowering?

Is your training fun!?




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