#348 – The Beginnings of Programming

What principles underpin why novice linear progression works, how we modify it, and why we use LP in the first place?  In this episode, Matt & Niki delve deeper into exercise and programming criteria.


Strength Training Principles, Exercise Criteria, Programming Criteria

All lifters complete linear progression.  Linear progression is simply adding stress in a linear fashion–the stress goes up every session.  You can do this in running, push ups, or lifting.  We take advantage of the fact that novices can progress quickly, with not traditional periodization.

An older trainee may start with sit-to-stands.  To increase the stress, a coach may lower the chair to increase the range of motion or increase the number of sit-to-stands.  This is still linear progression and still an MED change to make a small change to elicit adaptations.
When it comes to programming, we have to consider where the lifter–the person–is.  What are their goals?  Where are they physically, emotionally?  How much time do they have?  We don’t prioritize strength above all else.  Strength, however, improves all people’s lives and it improves the other fitness attributes, whereas emphasizing a different fitness attribute does not improve strength.




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