Barbell Academy: The Principles Course

The Principles Course takes the basic knowledge learned in Coaching 101 (a prerequisite to The Principles Course) to a deeper level. While open and beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more, the content included in the Principles Course is designed specifically to help the aspiring barbell strength coach design and direct a basic barbell strength program.

Whether you are looking for the knowledge and confidence to coach others effectively or seeking to understand better the “hows” and “whys” of your own training, the Principles Course will expose you to the foundational areas of barbell training.

  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Biomechanics

  • Programming

  • Lift Analysis

As an enthusiast and lifter who signed up for this course, I would highly encourage others like myself to take it. Even though I have been lifting for eight years, I learned a lot of information that helped me to better understand the dynamics of the lifts and how to critique and properly execute them. There are so many people out there who do not understand barbell training. This course is an excellent solution to that problem. It was highly informative, fun, and will help me be a better lifter.

Michael T.

I was never a “Study” guy, but the Principles Course had me coming back and back again… I sometimes had to force myself to NOT just plow through the material. There is no other course I’ve ever taken that has provided me with so much useful information. There wasn’t really anything I could consider “filler” information, everything was useful in one way or another. Some of the information I haven’t even considered before until I saw it here. This was truly a knock out of the park.

Tobias P.

100% online and video-based

Learn at your own pace and on your schedule

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With two convenient payment options, this course is an affordable program for you to complete at your own pace while providing a thorough grounding in barbell strength principles.
Choose a low monthly payment for 12 months or save even more with a one-time payment. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can cancel in the first 10 days and receive a full refund.

Get the best value when you Bundle & Save!


12 monthly payments for lifetime access

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One-time payment for lifetime access

Need to take Coaching 101 first?
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Included with your first Barbell Academy registration, you will automatically have an account with TurnKey Coach, the coaching delivery platform we use at Barbell Logic to coach clients all over the world. With your TurnKey Coach account, you’ll immediately be able to create and offer coaching plans, collect payments, and offer programming and feedback to your clients, meaning you truly can start coaching now. Your first month of TurnKey Coach is free, and then you’ll get 50% off for the following five months (an offer exclusive to Barbell Academy students).


Coaching 101 is a prerequisite for The Principles Course and Advanced Concepts. These educational opportunities give you the knowledge needed to become a Professional Barbell Coach. The best value is to bundle all three items together and save big on your pathway to coaching!


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