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#390 – First Steps for Strength

You’re in a bad place–you’re not happy with your health & fitness–and you want to change that. What do you do? Matt & Niki explore your first steps for strength.


This time of year New Years Resolutions occur, and there’s nothing wrong with them. While they may have a low success rate, it’s actually a good time of year to begin working toward a goal.

You just had the holiday period, with–probably–lots of food and fun. It often is a time you can reflect on what you’ve done the previous year and decide how to change. Also, there are probably no urgent needs to perform (no beach body vacations). This means that you have time to work toward your goals to see the improvement come warmer weather.

It will be difficult, and one of the most important things to begin is to be consistent. Doing something every day is a great way to build the consistency. If you’re barbell training, you can do this every day, but the days you don’t you could walk or do something else active.

Regardless, you need to schedule the time and protect it. This needs to become a habit–like brushing your teeth. You WILL see some benefits early, as doing difficult things makes you feel good, build confidence. It doesn’t feel good in the pleasure followed by bad feelings & guild of fast food or lounging watching Netflix, but you just feel better knowing what you did.

Start today, build consistency, do SOMETHING–whatever that something is–and keep going. The small wins will accumulate.




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