Proper Squat Depth for a Bigger Squat

Learn the proper squat depth for a bigger squat. Squat just below parallel to use more muscle mass & squat more weight.

Proper Squat Depth – Just Below Parallel

What is proper squat depth?

Proper squat depth is where the top of the knee is below the hip crease. To be slightly more specific, the top of the patella is below the hip joint, where the femur meets the acetabulum.

How can you best determine you’re squatting to proper depth?

One way is to feel for the stretch on the hamstrings. For many, this doesn’t help, and they’re left still wondering if they’re hitting the proper depth.

The best option is to get a competent coach who can tell you if you’re squatting correctly. You’ll eventually practice proper squat depth enough that it will feel correct.

The second option is to coach yourself. Film yourself from roughly hip height from directly from the side. Do your best to determine if you’re hitting proper depth.

Why Does  Squat Depth Matter?

We advocate movements that use more muscle mass. These exercises increase effectiveness and efficiency in the gym and should be the bulk of your program.

Because of this, we typically program compound barbell exercises that are simple, hard, and effective.

When we consider how to perform an exercise, we similarly consider a number of factors, but muscle mass trained is one thing we consider.

Squatting just below parallel is a position that is relatively easy to define and can be repeated by the lifter.

Additionally, it puts the hamstrings in their maximally stretched position, which means they’re in a better position to contract on the way up.

Going deeper (“ass to grass”) slackens the hamstrings, reducing the distance between the origin and insertions.

Two more reasons to squat just below parallel are that powerlifting and strengthlifting federations require below parallel squats.

Also, increasing the distance the bar travels decreases the weight on the bar. You can squat less weight and the hamstrings are in a worse position to contract.




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