Make Women Anabolic Again – Beast Over Burden

Make women anabolic again.

Niki and Andrew talk to Monica Multani. Monica is Niki’s client who turned to strength after the combination of a hand injury and bad diagnosis paired witnessing her mom get stronger with barbells.

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Bad News

People often turn to healthy habits like strength training when they realize the negative effects of their current lifestyle.

For Monica Multani, she suffered a serious hand injury as a physician who relied on her hands. She was told that she would lose the use of one of her hands in 5-10 years, which would end her career.

She looked to eastern medicine and really anything she could to counter this. She found some pain reduction, but nothing really addressed the underlying reality.

At the same time, her mom had began to strength train and was seeing powerful results in her own life and a regaining of capabilities she never thought she would regain. Plus, her mom was stronger than her! Her mom had embraced “make women anabolic again.”

Limitations & a Less Mentality

What Monica and her mom had confronted before strength training was an expectation of an increasing number of limitations. No solution was provided.

She also confronted a similar mentality among her friends, who in their pursuit of health always were looking for less: less food, less bodyweight, less of them.

It seems like whether pursuing health or confronting the loss of health, there was an expectation of losing things.

Make Women Anabolic Again – Embrace More

Monica – inspired by her mom and at a loss for other options – embraced strength training and adding muscle.

She’s gained 30 pounds, but her waist is snatched (this is a good thing). She feels more sturdy and more healthy.

Her hand is more resilient. It is not without pain, but she bounces back more quickly.

She looks and feels better. That hourglass shape that people want – she got that, but going against the mainstream approach.

Make women anabolic again. Embrace more.




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