How Can I Look Like Jake Gyllenhaal?

How can I look like Jake Gyllenhaal? If you’ve asked yourself or your coach this, we discuss what this looks like (really).

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How Can I Look Like Jake Gyllenhaal? The Goal

A popular movie comes out with a young actor who takes his shirt off and shows his shredded mid-section. What comes next?

The onslaught of requests and goals to look like him. Articles explaining his training routine, diet, and more.

Shred your abs with this Roadhouse routine.

Andrew and Niki explore what this process might look like (really).

How Can I Look Like Jake Gyllenhaal? The Process

It’s going to take a long time and, contrary to many people’s expectations and desires, you will almost certainly have to gain weight before you cut.

For many, they are unwilling to add weight.

Second, the cut is going to be rough. It may begin easy enough, with sustainable nutrition practices, but you will end feeling (and being) weak and lethargic.

Realize that Jake approached this like a bodybuilder for a show. This is the peaked, temporary appearance of someone who underwent a long process and was not walking around like this for a long period of time. It is inherently unsustainable.

How Can I Look Like Jake Gyllenhaal? The Mindset

Third, it will take a lot of consistent, hard training over a long period of time (some of which you will feel and be weak).

Lastly, and not unimportantly, you will have to deal with the hunger and what comes next.

You will have extremely low energy near the end, not want to train, not want to work, and think about food most of your day.

You got shredded, took the picture, posted it to Instagram. Now what?

It will be hard to not compare yourself unforgivingly against this temporary success.

If you want to look like Jake Gyllenhaal, you need to envision the life around the body and be prepared to dedicate the sacrifice this will entail.




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