Gym Shorts: The Chin Up

New to the chin up or looking for a quick technique tutorial? Learn how to do chin ups in one short video.

How To Chin Up

Gym Shorts videos provide short video demonstrations of correct form for various exercises.

Follow these steps:

  • Grip the bar with palms facing you (supinated grip)
  • Start with straight arms and open shoulders
  • Finish at the top with your chin high above the bar
  • Pull your elbows down to pull yourself up
  • Maintain tight abs with your legs slightly forward during the movement

The chin up is a bodyweight accessory lift that works the biceps and upper back. Though it’s relatively simple–use your arms and upper back to pull your chin up above the bar–there’s a bit more than this to perform a chin up correctly.

We love to add chin ups to lifters’ programs during novice linear progression or early in intermediate training. It can be done following the deadlift, following the power clean or barbell row, or done every day depending on the lifter’s goals and ability. It’s great for higher rep sets for hypertrophy, but adding weight and increasing the intensity is another excellent way to train chin ups.

There’s also not much more satisfying in life than working toward your first every chin up or pull up. Using negatives and banded chin ups or pull ups–and doing chin ups twice a week–will help you get your first chin up. Learn more about getting your first chin up here:

Click HERE to check out our in depth tutorial on the chin up and HERE to learn how to work up toward getting your first bodyweight chin up.




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