Enjoy the Pursuit Not the Outcome

Enjoy the pursuit not the outcome. We are refine by the pursuit, by the difficult process, not the outcome or achievement.

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Enjoy the Pursuit Not the Outcome

We find joy in the pursuit of hard things. The process of doing hard things refines us, not the outcomes.

Jasen Huang shares how he would not do it again if he could do it again. He did not know how hard it would be but often asks, “How hard can it be?”

Andrew Schulz discusses with Joe Rogan how Joe enjoys hard things.

You have to come to love the hardship and pursuit it voluntarily. Hardship is coming for you, one way or the other. You can choose it, or it can choose you.

If you pursue comfort, hardship will find you. You almost certainly know someone who seeks comfort too much.

What does this lead to? Pain, things being taken from you, inability to physically or emotionally do things.

Enjoy the pursuit, not the outcome.




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