Are More Sets Better? Evidence Review

Are more sets better? We dive into a new study and an associated article and headline.

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Are More Sets Better? Evidence-Based & Nuanced

We’re talking about muscles and hypertrophy today.

Outside Magazine recently featured an article that discussed adding more sets for building muscle, which argued that you should add more sets to build muscle.

Andrew and Niki are here to be your funnel of truth.

Are More Sets Better? Let’s Dig Deeper

When we look at scientific studies, it’s important to avoid the seemingly easy route of reading a headline or even a news article. If you read the study itself, don’t assume that the study title or abstract will match the data necessarily.

News media exist to sell their product, and weak headlines don’t sell. These incentives exist for scientific magazines and scientists as well – no results or another study confirming what we would expect to find do not dazzle.

That being said, studies and scientific literature are not worthless.

What Andrew & Niki find is that the headline overstates the findings.

Remember, we all have models of how the world works. Ideally, your model has been built according to investigation and astute observation. Studies can and should inform that model, and if a piece of data disagrees with your model you should confront it.

That being said, upturning your model because of one study is not recommended.

Are more sets better? Maybe, it depends, as adding sets is certainly a tool to use.




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