The Interview Series

Ep 1: Brett McKay – The Discipline of Iron

Scott, Matt, and Brett discuss Brett’s initial foray into strength and some of the progress he made, including weight gain and weight loss. They cover the physical and mental benefits of strength training and voluntary hardship. They also discuss how welcoming and supportive the strength community is despite how things may appear on the covers of fitness magazines or social media posts.

Ep 2: Brett McKay – Reflections on his Strength Journey

Brett reflects on his strength journey, including success and stumbles at meets and how the process has changed him. Brett discusses why and how he began the Art of Manliness, which transforms into a discussion on authenticity and meaning. The episode ends with Brett answering questions from an audience.

Ep 3: BONUS – Never Heard Before with Brett McKay

Matt and Brett discuss the process behind programming and exercise selection, starting with the excitement and motivation that novice linear progression training brings, as a lifter sets a PR every workout. They move through the progression of MED changes taking a lifter from LP to intermediate training and beyond. They cover how different supplemental and accessory changes change the main lifts.

Ep 4: Training In Your 80s with Sybil

Sybil, Scott, and Matt discuss Sybil beginning strength training at the age of 79 and continuing to train into her 80s. She describes how gaining strength has improved her quality of life by enabling her to accomplish everyday tasks. Beyond the topics discussed, you get some appreciation for Sybil’s vivacity and tenacity.

Ep 5: Strength for Cancer with John Wilson

Matt and Scott talk with John Wilson about fighting against and training through cancer and cancer treatments. John’s diagnosis of stage 4 cancer shocked him, but he regrouped and decided to tackle cancer head on. He continued to train and has inspired people in the strength community through his example.

Ep 6: Reminiscing with Grandpa Reynolds

Matt, Scott, and Grandpa Reynolds reminisce about memories and growing up. They discuss the values they learned and lived from their upbringings.

Ep 7: The Twists & Turns of Life with Frog

Our relationships and experiences help make us who we are. How do we learn the values we exhibit? How does one’s upbringing affect the rest of one’s life? What leads to success and contentment? Scott, Matt, and Frog discuss stories and experiences that touch on these timeless questions.

Ep 8: Gillian Ward – The Path, Perseverance, and Personality of Elite Performance

What creates elite performance? Learn about the story of Gillian Ward—a truly world class athlete. From an early age, she demonstrated a proclivity for physical activity. Through drive and dedication, she crushed local records and eventually moved onto world records in many different sports.

Discover the humanity, tenacity, and experiences behind the athlete and person, Gillian Ward. Whether you’re a novice, a weekend warrior, or simply lifting for life, everyone can learn from her mental approach, preparation, and dedication.

Ep 9: The Realities of Litigation with David Keesling

Scott, Matt, and David discuss practical legal experiences —good and bad —and how people and business owners should approach legal matters and protect themselves. Whether you’re considering a small business, are an inspiring strength coach, or simply want to better understand the law through some entertaining yet educational stories, this is the podcast for you.

Ep 10: Smiles Taylor – Training with Cerebral Palsy

Everyone faces difficulties in life and must confront how and if to overcome them. Some —for whatever reason—have to overcome larger difficulties.

Learn the story of Miles “Smiles” Taylor, the man whose inspiring story has garnered the attention of Arnold Schwarzenegger and others. Hear about his hard work, perseverance, and determination to not accept false limitations.

Ep 11: Fighting and Winning Against Cancer with Professor Paul

Matt and Scott talk to Professor Paul at two different points in his cancer struggle —while he was receiving cancer and following his successful defeat of cancer. They discuss not only how strength training helped him during his fight against cancer but how building a base of strength and muscle mass helps in the case of a future diagnosis. Life throws curveballs, and unexpected obstacles arise. You cannot control this. You can control your training, however, and your diet and mental attitude toward these obstacles.




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