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Andrew Jackson discusses lean theory – a business approach that strives to better deliver value to consumers through reducing inefficiencies. He explores how he has taken these insights learn from industry and applied them to online coaching.

Andrew Jackson gave a talk on the business value equation, which you can watch here and learn more about here.

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Lean Theory

Lean manufacturing theory and seeking to improve efficiency comes with misunderstandings and misconceptions. Often, ideas of decrease customers service and employee satisfaction arise.

These things may have occurred in the name of lean theory, but do not follow the true spirit of its origins.

Lean Theory originates from Toyota’s manufacturing processes and how Toyota strove to constantly improve them. The idea is to improve value. In order to improve value, you have to understand what delivers value to customers – what the customers actually want to pay for.

Lean six sigma has 5 principles:

  1. Defining value
  2. Mapping the value system
  3. Creating flow
  4. Using a pull system
  5. Pursuing perfection

Many companies may have misconceptions about how things they do provide value. The amount of work or time spent does not necessarily equate to more value. Time and money spent on tasks that do not produce value need to be eliminated or reduced.

Lean Theory – Application

You may be asking, what does this have to do with online coaching?

As discussed in recent Coaching Success episodes, you are providing value to your clients. You spend a certain amount of time and have processes around delivering that value, whether you have created these deliberately or by happenstance.

If you’re doing things that don’t provide value, then you’re wasting your time. This time could be spent providing more value to your clients, having more clients, or doing something else.

In order to improve your processes, you need to observe them. This could be having a peer or superior observe you. For online coaching, you can observe yourself by recording yourself coaching.

Also consider your pace. If you want to work an hour a day and have 19 reviews to do, each should take 3.15 minutes. If you take longer, than you have to consider if you want to reduce your client load, spend more time, or improve your efficiency.

Similar to budgeting money, it can feel icky to discuss these things, but it shouldn’t. Your goal isn’t simply to spend less time on your clients, but to stop doing doing that does not provide them value. That increase time can allow you to provide more value.




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