Person of Integrity: Be One, Always

Be a person of integrity, every day, always. If you screw up, own it. This leads to business success (and it’s the right thing to do).

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Person of Integrity: Be One, Always

Integrity underpins business success. Yes, you may think of business that have seemingly grown despite scummy business practices.

Don’t worry about them. Life is not fair. Still, you will create loyal customers, have great reviews, and gain word-of-mouth marketing if you show up and do what you say you’re going to do and the price you quoted. Be a person of integrity.

Close loops you say you will close. Do things you say you will do. Be reliable, be honest, do the work to ensure you fulfill your promises.

Integrity involves many values. It includes honesty. It includes work ethic.

Person of Integrity: One Bad Action Can Destroy Trust

One failure, even an honest failure, can demolish trust and destroy a relationship.

Matt shares an example of where, in his business running a gym, he was finally able to go on a vacation.

He had been coaching someone who was preparing for a powerlifting meet and failed to send her programming. During her workout, two weeks before the meet, she injured her shoulder.

Not only did that client fire Matt as his coach, but he lost a friend. Matt and his wife had developed a friendship with the couple. That relationship has not healed, even to this day.

So, be a person of integrity, today, tomorrow, and every day until you die.




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