Find Clients & Provide Value as a Coach in a Flooded Market

Are there too many coaches!? Learn how to stand out, find clients & provide value as a coach in a seemingly flooded coaching market.

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The Flooded Fitness Market

Are there too many coaches!? Learn how to stand out, find clients & provide value as a coach in a seemingly flooded coaching market. With social media & the internet, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the quantity of personal trainers, content creators, and coaches trying to find a piece of the fitness market. Niki & CJ can help.

Think about your Values, Identities, & Priorities (VIP) & consider the market. Ideally, these two circles are aligned perfectly. They won’t be, and you’re not looking to coach everyone in the fitness market.

You are not in the same pool as the expert, online coach who has been doing this for decades. While you may look up to this coach and learn from him or her, comparing yourself to him or her is ultimately counterproductive. Plus, these people didn’t begin with huge social media followings or large online coaching companies.

Finding Clients as a Coach

What comparative advantage do you have over a Matt Reynolds, Louie Simmons, or whatever coach you look up to? You know your co-workers, friends, and family and can help them meet their goals with a relatively low knowledge level and for much cheaper than a professional barbell coach.

The people around you should know that you lift and coach. Like any other hobby, talk about it in person and on social media. Start coaching friends, family, & co-workers. Do it now. Start coaching.

Don’t worry about finding a niche. Don’t worry about marketing, having a website, starting a podcast, getting a certification, or getting articles published. These are all great. They don’t help you coach.

Providing Value as a Coach

It doesn’t take much experience or knowledge to be able to help those around you. Having some teaching progressions, knowing some cues, and understanding the basics of programming a novice means you can people meet their goals.

It is not a big gap between posting videos of your friends and family hitting PRs on social media and posting videos of your clients hitting personal bests on social media.

You don’t need to know how to program DUP or Conjugate programming to help someone get stronger. You don’t need to have 10k followers on Instagram to double someone’s squat. You don’t have to have a personal training certification to teach someone how to deadlift.

Find Clients & Provide Value as a Coach

The low barrier to entry should not discourage you but encourage you. To find clients & provide value as a coach does not require intensive study and years of experience. You can start now.

This also means there are many bad coaches and personal trainers out there. You can quickly surpass them by acting professionally now, by developing and maintaining an academy study habit, and by coaching now.

Certifications, content creation, and finding social media followers are great. Do these along the way. Like you shouldn’t feel like a failure because you can’t squat 315 on day 1, don’t feel bad that as a newbie coach your skills and knowledge reflect that.

Just as two months on a novice linear progression can make a big different, two months of study, coaching, and posting on social media can make a big difference.

Accomplishing your goals as a professional barbell coach requires consistency over a long period of time. Start now – there is no better day or time to begin.




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