Do Hard Things – Beast Over Burden

Do hard things. Valuable pursuits are difficult – embrace these challenges to grow, improve, and crush your goals.

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Do Hard Things – Valuable Pursuits are Difficult

Nothing worthwhile is easy. Maybe we’ll be surprised by how easy it is (maybe we built up a certain pursuit or task that we have inflated its difficulty).

Building habits of sustainable nutrition is difficult. Creating a training plan you stick too is challenging. Pursuing anything with regularity – which is what is required to achieve excellent or even competence in any area – is hard.

You have to make decisions every day that move you closer to that goal. You have to get in the gym or study the flashcards or write the words when you don’t want to.

Additionally, you’ll have to stop doing something, as if you have decided to spend more time doing something, that time will have to come from other activities you engage in.

Doing hard things feels good, if not in the moment, and leads to true happiness.

Do Hard Things – The Value of a Coach

We all have blind spots. These are patterns of behavior that we are unaware of for whatever reason that are producing the undesired outcomes we are trying to overcome.

It is challenging to be objective with ourself. This is the value of a coach.

A good coach can see things you cannot (or wish not) to see. A good coach can also help implement practical, realistic, sustainable solutions. This is necessary because a common pitfall comes from going too hard and then yo-yoing between too hard and not enough.

Progress toward your goal comes from sustainable habits every day.

Do the hard things, which require vulnerability, time, and effort. The hard things bring value and happiness.




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