Chase Value not Status

Matt discusses that, whether in life or business, you should chase value not status. This leads to a successful business and happier life.

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Chase Value not Status

In a social media world, it can be easy to pursue status. In the world we inhabit, it can always be easy to chase money.

Pursue something else. Chase value.

Deliver value to your customers. When entrepreneurs talk about opportunities, unless they are discussing some loophole or morally questionable pursuits, they’re talking about a clear area where a problem exists where business can provide value.

You provide a customer a new roof, they give you money. The value you provide should be more than the price point.

Chase Value not Status – Appearance Versus Reality

You don’t have to have thought too much about social media to know that people don’t typically put mundane tasks, boring events, or things they’re not proud of.

People select, for their own purposes, what they present to the world via the social media site.

This is illusory (and might be fake).

Chase value and deliver it to others.

Yes, business have to make money, but the singular pursuit of value does not lead to long-term success or happiness.

Chase value not status.




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