BLOC Partner Program

Give a solid lift-off to your family, friends, and followers.

Sometimes we all need a solid lift-off to get us moving in the right direction. The BLOC Partner Program is designed to make it as easy as possible for clients to help others experience strength.

Leverage your influence and get FREE coaching!

All Online Coaching clients and Barbell Academy students are automatically enrolled in the BLOC Partner Program and can access referral information via the Refer a Friend page in the BLOC App (for coaching clients) and under My Account (coaching clients and Barbell Academy students).

The BLOC Partner Program allows you to share your experience with Barbell Logic with friends, family, and followers alike and earn a free month of coaching for each person that signs up through your unique link.

Referral Details

  • Online Coaching clients receive a free month of Strength Coaching at their current level of service for each Strength Coaching referral and a free month of Nutrition Coaching at their current level of service for each Nutrition Coaching referral. If the referring client is a strength-only client and a referred client’s purchase includes Nutrition Coaching, the client will receive a $100 store credit applied to the next amount due.
  • Referrals to the Barbell Academy’s Coaching 101 course are worth $50 each regardless of the referred client’s chosen payment plan.
  • All eligible referrals are paid out in the form of store credit automatically applied to the client’s next renewal. In the case of Barbell Academy students who paid upfront and do not have a recurring monthly payment, their payout is sent via check based on the following amounts:
    • $135 for any Online Coaching referral
    • $100 for any Nutrition Coaching referral
    • $50 for Barbell Academy’s Coaching 101 course
  • Referral sign-ups for clients are considered valid on the referred client’s 11th day of service with Barbell Logic. Any cancellations, whether coaching or Barbell Academy, in the first 10 days void the referral.

For additional information, the BLOC Partner Program Agreement is available here.

BLOC Partner Program for Businesses

Businesses can also be part of the BLOC Partner Program and receive monthly payouts based on new clients generated through their referral links. Businesses can participate in the BLOC Partner Program as part of a sponsorship relationship with the Barbell Logic Podcast.

Click here to learn more about Podcast Sponsorships.


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