BLOC Partner Program

Give a solid lift-off to your family, friends, and followers.

Sometimes we all need a solid lift-off to get us moving in the right direction. Our Partner Program is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to help others get started with BLOC.

Leverage your influence and get EXCLUSIVE benefits!

Online Coaching clients and Barbell Logic coaches are automatically enrolled in the BLOC Partner Program and can access referral information via Refer a Friend in the BLOC App and under My Account.

As a BLOC Partner, you have the greatest reach and ability to encourage others to pursue their health and fitness goals. You are an ambassador for the service we provide and regularly share your BLOC experience with your followers and invite them to sign up. In return, you receive incredible benefits:

  • $135 for each new client who signs up through your unique referral URL
  • FREE Exclusive and Nutrition coaching
  • FREE attendance at all Barbell Logic events
  • Featured in Barbell Logic content


  • You are a BLOC client or client of a Professional Barbell Coach.
  • You have a significant following on a website, social media, or audiovisual platform.
  • You agree to the terms and conditions outlined here.


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