How to Never Miss a Workout

Consistency leads to PRs and meeting your goals, more than any other factor (form, programming).

Nikki Burman, Director or Client Experience & Exclusive Coach at BLOC, discusses how as a coach she helps others and how a lifter she personally achieves consistency. Learn how to never miss a workout.


Is Programming Realistic?

Nikki often talks to clients who are considering quitting training and online coaching with BLOC, and her approach is “let’s find a way to make this work.” What this means if not forcing the way on the client, but rather examining and looking to improve two main things.

The first item she considers is the lifter’s support system. Not, as a coach, she cannot necessarily improve the support system BUT she can help be a support system of sorts by encouragement and accountability. She can also see if there are some sources of support that might not be underused or unused in the coach’s life.

Secondly, she asks “is the plan realistic?”

Missing workouts can lead to a accumulation of discouragement and a sense of failure. The lifter is often following an unrealistic plan.

Programs can be unrealistic for many reasons. A lifter may begin a block program that is realistic, but a life event occurs that makes that program no longer realistic. A client may feel burned out, get injured, get bored, or reprioritize activities in her life.

How to Never Miss a Workout

How can lifters more easily accumulate workouts? Shorter workouts, potentially with optional exercises, can make it easier to get in the gym, and on those days where the motivation is there, you can do the extra work, on the other days just get the meat and potatoes done.

Shifting how the workouts feel can help. That might mean getting a pump, getting sweaty, changing exercise selection, or doing things like AMRAPs, myo reps, or other means that can provide quick, different workouts that still enable productive stress.

A misalignment of how important we think an activity is in our life versus how important our effort or time suggests it may be can lead to guilt. Niki suggests the following exercise, which can help you see that misalignment.
List important activities and pursuits in your life. Give them an importance from 1-5. Then think about how much time and effort you put toward those activities, and identify the misalignments. Can you make that 5 a 4 and truly live it out as a 4?
Build consistency, ensure your program is realistic, and learn how to never miss a workout.




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