Invest in Training & Life – Beast over Burden

Invest in training and life to achieve your goals and find happiness and meaning.

Andrew & Niki explore how training – and other worthwhile pursuits – are investments and how you can conceptualize and weigh the worth of these investments.

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Conceptualizing in Investments

What is an investments? Without looking at a dictionary, it’s an input or sacrifice of something where the investor expects a greater result than the input. The investor gives something up for a future result that provides more value.

We too often think only of money when it comes to investment.

You can earn more money but never gain more time. When you spend money on a professional, such as a coach or service that helps you learn a skill, you are spending money to save time.

If you train yourself you are coaching yourself. If you invest in the time to learn how to become a coach, that is an investment. If you fail to do this, you’re probably a bad coach and will find you stall early.

When you think about investments, you need to think about your deep whys. You should be investing time and money in things that are actually important to you, that bring you value. Invest in training if health, toughness, and strength are important to you.

Andrew brings up 8 major elements of life in which you can invest:

  1. things that help you become better at using your mind
  2. physical health
  3. emotional
  4. relational
  5. finances
  6. professional
  7. philosophy/religious/spiritual
  8. artistic (subcreation)

A good investment is important to you and should positively affect all or as many of the above as possible (sleep is a good example).

Invest in Training and Life

To train, you must spend time, effort, and money.

You must set aside time to train. You must purchase equipment or a gym membership. If you decide to go ultra-rugged and not purchase any equipment, you need to spend some time finding heavy rocks and other creative ways to train productively using your bodyweight and what you can find.

Training comes with pain. You must undergo discomfort to progress. If you don’t train, however, you will experience the pain that comes with inactivity (the idea of beast over burden really gets after this).

Investing in a coach is an investment of money that saves you time – both in terms of having to learn how to be a coach and likely following a more effective program and thus progressing faster toward your goals).

Invest in training. Invest in life.




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