How to Perform Good Mornings

The birds are chirping and the coffee is brewing; it’s time to learn the good morning. In this video tutorial, we explain how to perform good mornings, a lower body accessory movement that strengthens the posterior chain.

The posterior chain muscles include the spinal erectors (low back), glutes, hamstrings and even the calves. These muscles contribute to the squat and deadlift, so good mornings can help build stronger squats and deadlifts.

The set up for a good morning is exactly the same as the low bar squat. The bar sits just below the spine of the scapula. Take the bar out of the rack, take your squat stance and set your eyes about 6-8 feet out in front of you.

Instead of allowing your knees to bend like they would during a squat, your knees will stay straight during a good morning. Allow them to unlock slightly, and then lean over and reach back with your hips.

The goal is to achieve a nearly horizontal torso while maintaining back extension and not allowing your knees to bend.




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