How To Use Leg Drive for Bench Press

Build a Bigger Bench Press

In this video, BLOC Niki Sims and Andrew Jackson explain how to use leg drive in the bench press.

When learning how to bench press, we teach the lifter how to arch their back, which reduces the range of motion and gives a better angle of attack for the pectoralis muscles.

In order to maintain this position on the bench, a lifter has to learn how to push the floor away, which drives the hips and shoulder blades into the bench. This is known as “leg drive” in the bench press.

It Starts with the Set Up

First, the lifter lays on the bench, and achieves the slight arch in their back by bringing the shoulders close to the hips and the hips close to the shoulders. The hips should be rotated clockwise. This is important, because it prevents the hips from popping up off the bench while applying leg drive.

Once the lifter is positioned on the bench, the coach places his fists against the tops of the lifter’s shoulders, and tells the lifter to push against his fists using her legs.

We call this “blocking the shoulders.”

Subtle Details of Leg Drive

Whether you bench with your entire foot glued to the floor, or only your toes, you want to drive your heels into the ground. We cue lifters to “leave an impression of your heel in the floor.”

We encourage you to learn how to leg drive, so that the next time someone asks you “how much ya bench” you can tell them a bigger number.



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