Exercise Medicine through Barbell Training

Dr. Jonathon Sullivan and Noah Hayden are joined by RN Ann Buszard. They discuss how typical or conventional medicine today fails to address the root causes of most issues, including the Sick Aging Phenotype. They talk about how exercise medicine, specifically strength training with barbells, is the cure.

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Bad Medicine and the Sick Aging Phenotype

Too much medicine fails to address root causes. While modern trauma care can save life and limb, more and more reasons that people end up in ERs cannot ultimately be addressed in ERs. These causes need to be addressed earlier.

Exercise medicine, as opposed to conventional medicine, offers a way to address what Sully calls the Sick Aging Phenotype. You know it. You may have it. If you don’t, you almost certainly know someone who has it.

The Sick Aging Phenotype is that combination of illnesses that worsen as many people age. It includes things such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Too many people accept that aging comes with a growing list of limitations.

Exercise Medicine with Barbells

Exercise medicine with barbells is safe, healthy, and effective. Contrary to many people’s misconceptions, it doesn’t mean getting huge nor is does it come with a high risk of injury.

Instead, barbell medicine helps strengthen and add muscle and other tissue. This can give people more capabilities, as opposed to taking them off the table.

Exercise medicine can give you years of quality life.

Benefits of Voluntary Hardship

This repeated process of doing difficult things regularly doesn’t just come with physical and biological benefits, but spiritual and psychological benefits as well.

It builds confidence, as well as muscle, and helps athletes of aging realize they can do more, not just in the gym but in their everyday life, that they may have considered impossible.





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