#217 – What Would You Do… Differently?


Matt and Scott don the 20/20 glasses of hindsight to examine their training, coaching, and business careers and determine what they would have done differently, knowing what they know now. Matt shares a hard business lesson learned at STRONG Gym, and Scott shares a miserable early experience managing a construction company on an ill-fated project.


When it comes to training, Scott wouldn’t do anything differently. We are “the sum of our experiences,” as he says, and any desire to change our past suggests we wish to be different people than who we are. It would be natural, of course, for Scott to want to have started training in his teens rather than his late 30’s. But that fact is actually an important aspect of who he is as a coach; Scott can relate to the Master’s lifter who is approaching the barbell for the first time in a way that a younger coach with earlier lifting experience cannot.


As a former pro strongman and elite level powerlifter, Matt willingly sacrificed health in his competitive days to become as strong as possible — an understandable outlook. However, his focus on strength above all else caused him to ignore, after retiring from professional competition, the value of doing some things that merely felt good: foam rolling, mashing his shoulders with a lacrosse ball, cold showers. He has also learned the value of doing assistance work after the main training movements, to promote extra blood flow and hypertrophy in ligaments and tendons.


Perhaps you can learn a thing or two from Matt and Scott’s disparate stories and avoid some of their mistakes in your own training. Remember, however, that you are the sum of your experiences under the bar and in life, and that includes the mistakes too.


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