Answering Common Beginner Questions – Beast Over Burden

Niki & Andrew answer common beginner questions. Whether you’re curious about equipment or protein, cardio or warming up, or wondering how long LP lasts, we give you the answers.

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Common Beginner Questions – Equipment

You can’t lift weights without weight to lift, and you need to wear appropriate clothes. Even running, while it seems the simplest of activities, comes with appropriate footwear and clothing (don’t run in a 3-piece suit and oxfords).

The first thing you should buy is shoes. Look for something around 0.58″ heel with a solid sole. 1″ is too high.

Next, you need a belt. If they were to recommend one beginner belt, it would be a 3″, single prong, leather belt at 10mm thickness. 4″ is better for taller people (especially if you have a longer torso). We especially love Dominion.

Chalk is also a must for the deadlift, though both Andrew & Niki recommend straps for more and more clients, because they are not interested in competing. You still need to work your grip, but straps for work sets is just fine. Niki & Andrew move on to other common beginner questions, looking at nice-to-have-but-not-necessary equipment.

Lastly, you need 1.25lb plates. They’re not expensive, and we love MicroGainz.

Many people love knee sleeves, especially if they lift in a cold area. Wrist wraps also help keep the wrists extended on pressing movements. Lastly, a deadlift jack of some type makes loading and unloading weight for the deadlift and other lifts off the floor much easier.

Common Beginner Questions – Protein & Programming

Niki & Andrew now address other common questions, regarding nutrition and cardio.

Can beginner lifters continue to do cardio if they already have a cardio practice?

Yes, novice linear progression, while important, is not worth sacrificing conditioning and other healthy habits for. It may be a time you prioritize strength, but not eliminate all other physical practices.

Andrew recommends 1g per pound of bodyweight for beginner lifters, mostly because it is easy to remember. If you weigh more or are more advanced, this can go down closer to 0.7g per pound.

While most people don’t eat enough protein, people can push protein too far, sacrificing fibrous veggies and workout-fueling carbohydrates to consume more than 1g per pound of bodyweight.

Other common beginner questions include how to warm up and how long LP lasts.

Warming up depends on which lift it is in the workout and whether you’re in a warm or cold environment, but generally 5 warm up sets is enough. It depends, though. You should feel prepared to work. You should NEVER just load up the work set weight without warming up.

Just as with protein, you can overdo it.

Lastly, how long does LP last?

It depends, but generally at least 2 months. Someone who eats more, is younger, stays consistent, is willing to grind on weights, and has more testosterone can definitely push this longer.

We hope these answers to common beginner questions helps you and your lifting.




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