Bringing Order to Chaos

We discuss bringing order to the chaos to get important things done, improve your quality of life, and feel at ease.

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Bringing Order to Chaos

Life can be difficult and hectic. Hardship, both voluntary and involuntary, is part of life.

Certain times, though, seem especially difficult, and it’s hard to keep your head above water. Everything is urgent, it’s difficult to accomplish those things you consider most important, and you’re constantly reacting.

Even if you like a little chaos, you tend to keep a messy desk and enjoy when things less-ordered, a bit of order allows you to accomplish your goals. Even if you’re only organizing the chaos into blocks.

For example, you wake up, brush your teeth, and then you have a 90-minute period for a hobby, or for whatever you feel like doing. Let that time be chaotic, but organize anchor points so urgent tasks don’t step on what you want to do.

Anchor Points & Schedules

Bringing order to the chaos doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. For some, it might mean establishing anchor points throughout your day. You might have a morning routing, a lunch routine, a training routine, and an evening routine, and in between these anchor points, it might be chaotic.

For others, you might need things scheduled down to the hour, half-hour, or even more detailed. Many business executives have extremely detailed schedules. If this is you, you’ll have to ensure that you block off time for the important things that are NOT related to business (family, friends, exercise).

Regardless of personality type, regardless of job or age or place in life, fostering some discipline can help you accomplish your goals and improve your quality of life.





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