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How Style Affects Confidence in the Gym

Learn how style affects confidence in the gym and how you can look and feel better with improved (while still functional) style.

Matt discusses sits down to discuss this with Tanner Guzy, owner of Masculine Style, who offers style coaching for men.

Style Affects Confidence in the Gym

People tend to not think much about style in the gym. It’s all about function, right? Well, not quite. Just as we probably think about the music we listen to and out pre-PR routine, we should put more thought into what we wear in the gym and how it can improve how we look and feel.

First, let’s quickly address function. Your clothing should not prevent you from doing anything you need to do in the gym. It shouldn’t restrict movement or make lifting more difficult. This means we don’t wear slick shirts. Cotton or bar grip shirts help keep the bar more secure in the squat rack position and keep the shoulders glued to the bench on the bench press.

Similarly, we don’t wear tight restrictive pants if we’re squatting. This makes sense.

Now, let’s talk form. Beyond not getting in the way of your physical movement, you can think of better style not getting in the way of your mental functions (that help you in the gym).

Boosting Presence & Performance

If you’re well-dressed, it’s not so much that you will be strutting around, thinking about how good you look. Rather, you can be more present and focused on the task at hand, less worried about what those around you may think and more inwardly confident.

Much like you may have a go-to song for a PR attempt, you ensure you have the right equipment, and you perform a standard pre-lift routine, gym clothes get you mentally prepared for the gym, letting you know it’s time to lift. They boost confidence and help get you in the proper mindset.

So, if you haven’t, think about how you can change your outfits in the gym to boost your confidence and look and feel better.




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