GHD Sit-Ups: Gym Shorts (How To)

New to GHD sit-ups or looking for a quick technique tutorial? Learn correct form in one short video.

How to GHD Sit-Up

Gym Shorts videos provide short video demonstrations of correct form for various exercises.

GHD Sit-Up Correct Form: Follow These Steps

  • Adjust foot rollers so bottom is on the far side of pad
  • Touch foot rollers
  • Reach back
  • Start with fewer reps and progress slowly
  • Back will move from hyperextension in the bottom to flexion at the top

What is the GHD Sit-Up

This exercise trains the hip flexor and abdominal muscles, as the body moves from spinal hyperextension to flexion. The hips simultaneously flex against gravity to move the lifter’s torso up to the top position.

Some of the muscles worked include the rectus abdominus (the “abs”), obliques, iliacus, psoas major & minor.

This movement requires a glute ham developer, which many gyms do not have. Because of this limitation, many cannot perform this exercise in their home gym or even commercial gym.

The benefit of a glute ham developer is you can perform these, glute ham raises, and back extensions.

Programming the GHD Sit-Up

CrossFitters regularly perform this movement during WODs. Beyond this, many military personnel will perform this as an alternative to many of the go-to “on the ground” abdominal and hip flexor exercises.

These are typically performed as part of a circuit or near the end of the workout, following the main lifts.

Perform these for 2-5 sets of 1-20+ reps.

One note here is that if you have never or more recently performed these, start with lower reps. Extreme soreness and discomfort can occur if you dive into the deep end of high repetition GHD sit-up sets.

Click HERE to watch our gym short video on the sit-up and HERE to read an article on training your core for functional fitness.




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