Why Strength is Better for Women

The Truth About Strength Training for Women

Are you tired of constantly trying to be someone you’re not? Do you feel pressured to look a certain way? Do you want to be stronger and more confident than you’ve ever been? We’re here to discuss strength training for women, and to explain that there is a better way for women to get stronger.

When an individual makes the choice to start strength training, they often feel intimidated, small or even terrified. When they pick up a barbell and attempt to squat or deadlift for the first time, they doubt themselves. Can I really do this? They question their physical capabilities, athleticism, mental strength and confidence in general.

You may have had a similar experience in the gym.

Women are often told to attend exercise classes. Or maybe it’s their choice. They take classes such as Zumba, Booty Sculpt, Barre class or yoga. What if these same women chose to train for strength with barbells? Barbell training is unlike any of these classes. It’s radically different. Strength training is hard. It is also far more effective.

There is a certain sense of wonder about barbell training. Strength changes who we are, from the inside out. Yes, I can do this.

It’s a choice to pursue strength training. If you are considering it, here are three reasons why strength is better for everyone, but specifically for women:

  1. Strength counters many social beliefs around women and their bodies. Being stronger is about defining what you want for yourself and for your reasons, not to fit a certain look or cultural standard.
  2. Strength builds confidence in a way nothing else will. Strength training is hard – it’s not easy to double your squat – but choosing to do hard things is refining physically, emotionally and socially.
  3. Strength shifts the focus away from external to internal – from trying to comply with unsatisfying, social standards to inward personal development. Ultimately, it helps us realize that we are valued for our ability to contribute to society, not because of how we look.

The desire to look better is natural and aesthetic improvement is almost always a byproduct of strength training. With proper nutrition and a carefully selected program, you will notice positive changes to your physical appearance. Our goal isn’t to change how you look or to tell you how you should look. That decision belongs to you. Our goal is to take you from weak and unhealthy to strong, confident and healthy.

Consider these questions, and decide if strength training is for you:

Why live your life in a body that’s a fraction of as powerful and strong as it could be? Why try to conform to a look that the media and culture tells you to look like? What physical and emotional limitations do you face on a daily basis? Does your current gym or exercise routine combat those limitations and build confidence while teaching you about yourself?

If your answer to strength training is “yes,” our coaches at Barbell Logic Online Coaching can help you reach your goals in strength and health. Our female coaches can empathize and relate to the challenges women face on a daily basis. After all, they also chose to begin the journey of barbell training.

Why wait any longer? Strength is calling.




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