How to Sit-Up: Gym Shorts

New to the sit-up or looking for a quick technique tutorial? Learn how to sit-up in one short video.

How to Sit-Up

Gym Shorts videos provide short video demonstrations of correct form for various exercises.

How to Sit-Up: Follow These Steps

  • feet together & flat on the ground
  • knees at roughly 90 degree angle
  • back flat on ground – butt & shoulder blades touching
  • hand behind head with fingers interlocked
  • torso at or beyond 90 degrees (shoulder above or in front of hip joint)
  • initiate movement with shoulders, then bring entire torso up together
  • maintain finger contact with head

What is the Sit-Up

The sit-up is a bodyweight exercises that trains the hip flexors and abdominal muscles by flexing at the hips. These muscles include the rectus abdominus (the “abs”), obliques, iliacus, psoas major & minor.

This is a classic bodyweight exercise that the military has often used on its physical fitness tests. It is one of many “core” or “ab” exercises that involves flexion at the hips.

Like the name suggests, you sit up.

Programming the Sit-Up

Military service members may have to perform these in preparation for their physical fitness assessments. Others may perform these or variations of them as part of CrossFit-style programs.

Typically, these are performed near the end of the workout, after the primary & supplemental movements have been executed.

Performing these in a circuit makes sense, saving time and breaking up upper & lower body exercises.

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