Home Gym Organization: Maximize Space, Minimize Headache

Learn the BEST home gym organization to maximize space, minimize headache, and create the best home gym EVER.

Matt walks you through his home gym, including his platform, rack, plate and equipment storage. He discusses different options based on your available space.

Why Home Gym Organization Matters

Have a place for everything. Put everything in its place.

A well-organized gym is a gym ready for your use. You don’t have to search for your equipment.

Clutter can create risk of injury. Lots of equipment lying on the ground presents a risk for you to trip over.

Like any other part of your house, you want to be proud of your home gym. You spend a lot of time and put much sweat equity into it. Have a gym that’s clean, organized, and ready to use (and show off) at any time.

Home gym organization matters.

Platform & Power Rack

If you have the space and can afford it, your home gym should have a platform and power rack.

These together offer stability and durability. The rack prevents damage to the floor of your home or garage.

Matt’s platform is 8′ x 12′. That’s bigger than most platforms. This, paired with his RML-6 power rack, allows him and his wife to lift simultaneously.

A typical platform is 8′ x 8′, and with foldable racks you can probably have one as small as 4′ x 8′.

Power Rack Equipment Storage

The platform and rack serve as the centerpiece of your home gym organization. Around it, you build your gym.

Matt’s rack allows him to store his plates and change plates on the 3rd set of uprights as well as hang chains and bands.

He keeps his bench and box on his platform within the rack. If he needs to move it for lifting, and he quickly move it out of the way.

He also uses the Rogue monolift attachment, which remains on his rack.

Wall Equipment Storage for Your Home Gym

Matt uses his walls to store much of his equipment. Hooks for storing bands and belts save tons of space.

Rogue and other manufacturers make wall-mounted storage for accessories, like the Dip Matador, so it can neatly sit on the wall.

Matt stores his Dominion belts on these hooks.

Floor Storage for Your Garage Gym

Some equipment needs to lie on the floor, but there are better and worse methods (worse being dump it randomly on the floor) for home gym organization.

Barbells can be stored on the wall (vertically or horizontally) or in a heavy-duty barbell holder.

Dumbbells too, if you have set of dumbbells, rest best on racks.

Adjustable dumbbells save lots of space, and Matt’s Powerblock 90 lbs dumbbells come with a stand.

A place to hold chalk that doesn’t require you to bend over provides convenience.

Shelves with baskets can provide a good space for knick knacks such as straps, wraps, ammonia, and more. No need to go to a fitness store to purchase this easier. You can buy yours at just about any place online or in-person.

Matt stores his MicroGainz fractional plates in boxes on his shelves.




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