Defining Your Core Values

We talk about defining your core values. These underpin your goals & actions, help you make decisions, & reflect your personality and aspirations.

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Defining Your Core Values: Brainstorming & Reflecting

Matt discusses how to identify and list your core values. These should reflect your personality but also be aspirational.

For example, for Matt, quite reflection would not be a core value. He verbally processes ideas, and he would be working against his natural tendencies.

Rather, lean into your personality, though work on addressing your weaknesses and bolstering your strengths.

Notice what attracts you on social media, literature, podcasts, movies. Which characters and actions attract you (and which repulse you)? What are your natural tendencies and preference that you have no problem with?

Start listing these out, thinking about them, and you can move on to refining your list.

Defining Your Core Values: Refining & Defining

As you create your list, think about different aspects of your life, such as family/relationship/interpersonal, business/professional, religious/spiritual, etc.

Once you feel you’ve taken some time and reflected, identify the top 5 core values.

These help underpin your goals and actions and all your decisions.

They help avoid chasing shiny objects and help you avoid the lesser, easier, more comfortable paths that clash with your values.

Defining your values is useful, whether for just yourself or your business.




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