BLOC Wrapped – The BLOCies

Enjoy us look back on 2023 with BLOC Wrapped – the BLOCies. We share the best of our coaches & clients, fitness trends, & more.

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BLOC Wrapped – Coaches & Clients

Our clients and coaches are amazing. We’ve got the stats to prove it.

Matt joins Andrew & Niki to discuss clients who lifted the most tonnage, hit the biggest lifts, and more.

They also discuss which coaches has the best on-time feedback and which lifts were the most programmed.

We love celebrating our clients and coaches. What these stats reflect is a dedication and work that is reflected in the progress.

The process creates the progress.

BLOC Wrapped – Fitness Trends & Lifts

Matt, Andrew, & Niki share their favorite and least favorite lifts and favorite and least favorite fitness trends of 2023.

Niki loved the pendulum leg press (though they are incredibly rare). Matt enjoyed both the incline dumbbell press or Bulgarian split squat, and Andrew agreed about incline pressing.

Matt’s least favorite exercise was the incline barbell press (seems to cause shoulder issues for some people). Andrew wasn’t crazy about the overhead press. Niki has avoided deficit deadlifts because of her observation that they seemed correlated with injury (personally and for clients).

Matt sung the praises of GLP1 drugs, which have helped him lose weight. Andrew has enjoyed the shift in the fitness and nutrition sector of focusing on quality of life, as opposed to suffering and restricting. Niki loves all the women strength training in the gyms.

Stanley water cups (that don’t even fit in cup holders) tick Matt off. Andrew is not crazy about broccoli hair and red plaid pajama pants. Niki can’t stand fitness influencers using photoshop.

That is BLOC wrapped.




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