Protein – More Than One Whey – Beast Over Burden

Are you reliant on whey protein to get your daily protein. You can get adequate protein without whey – learn how!

This podcast really addresses how much protein you actually need a day and then how to best consume that protein.

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How Much Protein? – Show Me the Whey

How much protein should you consume daily, especially as a lifter looking to get stronger and add muscle?

The often repeated mantra is 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. This is certainly doable, but it’s a lot and forces many to turn to whey & protein shakes to meet this threshold.

But is this really necessary?

Better data suggest 1g per pound of lean bodyweight is more than sufficient, and really 0.8g-1.2g per kg bodyweight is just fine.

Like many other things, use some common sense. Are you always sore or achy? You’re probably not eating enough protein. Do you have lean protein options at most if not all of your meals? Then you’re probably consuming enough.

Protein Without Whey Dependence

Admit it, whey protein isn’t really satisfying. It doesn’t lead to satiety and large amounts can cause gassiness or even worse digestive issues. If you can consume enough protein from your everyday meals, you should (and you can).

Focus on whole food options and think about each meal and snack. Are some of your go-to snacks or meals lacking protein – see if you can bump up that protein.

Andrew tries to prioritize protein in breakfast, lunch, and his snack so that he has more flexibility at dinner. This way, he’s not worried about not having enough protein at dinner or feeling guilty.

Having convenient protein options on hand really helps. Greek yogurt is a great option. Eggs and egg whites are quick and easy to cook.

Prepping protein in large amounts so you can add that to some starchy carbs, veggies, or a salad helps remove the need to take the time to cook protein during busier days.




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