Lying Leg Raise: Gym Shorts (How To)

New to lying leg raise or looking for a quick technique tutorial? Learn correct form in one short video.

How to Lying Leg Raise

Gym Shorts videos provide short video demonstrations of correct form for various exercises.

Lying Leg Raise Correct Form: Follow These Steps

  • Squeeze abs and push lower back into the floor to lift
  • Bottom position
    • Hands under your butt
    • Legs straight and together
    • Feet slightly plantar-flexed
    • Heels a few inches off the ground
  • Top position
    • Legs straight at 90 degree angle at the hips
    • Feet remain slightly plantar-flexed
  • Slow, controlled movement
  • Don’t let your heels touch the ground
  • Tight abs throughout the movement

What is the Lying Leg Raise

The lying leg raise is a “core” exercise that works the hip flexors and abdominal muscles by moving the legs from slightly off the ground to 90 degrees and back without letting the legs touch the ground. The legs hinge at the hips and the knees remain straight with plantar-flexed feet.

This exercise require no special equipment whatsoever, so it is a good exercise for military service members or those lacking access to equipment, such as someone traveling or in a location with no gyms or where the gyms are closed.

Programming the Lying Leg Raise

This is an accessory exercise that most people do not need to perform. Some, because they want additional “core” training or because of military or similar requirements may want to perform this exercise.

Perform this exercise either for higher repetitions or for a duration of time. Lifter may perform 2-5 sets of 8-20+ reps or 20-60+ seconds.

This exercise can be performed as part of a circuit or as its own as part of a dedicated core exercise improvement, for someone such as military service members who need to perform well on “core exercises.”

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