We’re Back – Barbell Logic Podcast Returns

We’re back!

Listen to the Barbell Logic podcast return. Matt Reynolds, Niki Sims, and Andrew Jackson discuss the two podcasts that will come out weekly, the different audiences they address, and the weekly schedule.

Check out the Barbell Logic podcast landing page to give us feedback on the podcast during the temporary pause.


Barbell Logic Podcast Return – Beast over Burnout

We’re back, with two podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Andrew and Niki host the Beast over Burnout podcasts, which comes out on Tuesdays.

This covers lifting and lifestyle topics, especially with the kind of life we strive for through training and how that changes as people’s lives change.

Too many podcasts, articles, and videos target themselves to competitive lifters and people with seemingly optimal lives (who are these people!?). That’s not us.

We want you to build sustainable training habits that you incorporate into your actual life, not to change your life for the perfect program.

Barbell Logic Podcast Return – Coaching Success

Matt hosts a weekly podcast on the business of coaching, entrepreneurship, becoming people of action.

This will typically be a shorter episode of Matt by himself that will air on Fridays.

Whether you’re interested in improving your life through lifting and self-improvement, or bettering your business and others’ lives (or both) we have a podcast for you.




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