I Broke My Back…Spinal – Beast over Burden

I broke my back…spinal. Is life over? No. Learn the training, lifestyle, and mindset adjustments to deal with back injuries.

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I Broke My Back…Oh No!

Back pain and back injuries happen.

Sometimes it’s just the occasional tweak that goes away in a few days, or a short surprising sensation.

Other times, it’s debilitating, life-altering, and seems to redefine your life.

Your back hurts when you do everyday activities like tying your shoes, going to the bathroom, or picking up your kid. Squatting and deadlifting are excruciating.

You’re in a large company. If you’re reading this, we hope you’ve spent time lifting, so that you’re strong, and your back is strong. Let’s discuss how to deal with serious back pain.

I Broke My Back…Lifting & Movement Changes

You’ll have to come to terms with your programming changes over time.

Do you simply have to reduce intensity and volume? Do you have to do variants on the deadlift and squat? Or, are deadlifting and squatting off the table for awhile.

Whichever reality you find yourself in, it’s okay.

Programming will change, but keep exercising, working out, and pursuing health and quality of life. Keep training, don’t stop. Look to prioritize difficult sets and don’t get tied to the weight on the bar.

Do what you can, acknowledging that movement almost always helps and gaining strength and muscle, insofar as you can, are good things.

I Broke My Back…Lifestyle & Mindset Changes

What will matter more than sets and reps is your mindset. This hurts your identity as a lifter. You identified yourself as the person who can deadlift 500 or squat 315. That might not be the case for awhile (or, even ever again).

Allow yourself to experience the emotions that come from the pain: fear, frustration, anger, sadness.

Look to spend more time pursuing physical activity outside the gym. If there are things like walking, hiking, swimming that don’t bother your back and that get you moving, these are great to maintain health but also to keep you active and healthy.

Give yourself some leeway and time. If you go into the gym and it hurts so bad to do the planned workout, don’t do the planned workout. You might call an audible. You might come back the next day and try again.

It’s a process. Progress won’t be linear. It won’t last forever (but if it does, this isn’t the end of your life).




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