Gym Shorts: The Seated Press (How To)

New to the seated press (or seated overhead press or seated barbell overhead press) or looking for a quick technique tutorial? Learn how to seated press in one short video.

How To Seated Press Press

Gym Shorts videos provide short video demonstrations of correct form for various exercises.

Seated Press Correct Form: Follow These Steps

  • Set Up
    • Sit on bench or similar sturdy object
    • Bar on pins 1-2″ below bottom press position
    • Close grip
    • Elbows straight
    • Wrists forward
    • Feet under hips
  • Movement
    • Shrug to finish
    • Gaze straight ahead
    • Press up & back
    • No layback: keep it strict
    • Relax back to lower bar to pins

What is the Seated Press?

The dumbbell press is a press supplemental lift that mimics the barbell press. The use of the bench provides stability but eliminates some of the movement lifters can perform to help propel the bar upward out of the bottom position. Because of this limitation, this form of press is a strict variation.

This movement can be done out of the j-cups, but performing it off safety pins is preferred.

Ensure that you put the pins in a position so they are only 1-2 inches below the bottom position. Also begin with the bar close to your body. The makes it easier to raise the bar into the bottom position.

To lower the bar to the pins, relax (flex) your upper back (thoracic spine).

The press primarily trains the pectoralis major, anterior delts, and triceps brachii.

Programming the Seated Press

The press has fewer supplemental variations than other main lifts, and this (along with the pin press) is one of the primary variations programmed.

This can also be performed for clients who cannot press in their home gym without hitting the ceiling.

We tend to program these for intermediate or advanced athletes who need more press stress, especially of the strict variety. The strictness focuses the stress on the primary movers, as opposed to using a hip movement or dip to create help get the bar out of the bottom position.

There are programmed similar to the press, though they may tend to be programmed for higher reps, aiming for hypertrophy. Generally program these for : 2-5 x 1-15.

These is generally performed in the volume slot for the press, after the main bench press intensity slot. If performed solely for hypertrophy for a more advanced lifter, it may be performed later in the workout. If performed as the primary stress variant, it may be the first lift.

If you’re looking for a strict press variant, look no further than the seated press.

Click HERE for an in-depth video on the seated press and HERE to learn more about the muscles used in the press.




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