Sleep Strategies & Fluff Updates

Andrew & Niki talk sleep strategies & fluff updates: how snapping back after the holidays improves sleep, health markers, appearance, how you feel, and more.

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Sleep Strategies & Fluff Updates

It’s January, post-Holiday period, and time to snap back. Andrew & Niki share their fluff updates and tips and tricks for improving sleep.

Niki has had a 19-day period thus far, which has included weighing and measuring, no alcohol, and reduced sugar. She is not trying to lose tons of weight, as she wants to support training. She wants to look good for an upcoming television appearance and feel good.

From this period, she has seen improvements to sleep (especially deep sleep each night) and improve resting heart rate.

Andrew has similarly snapped back with 3 (no 4) drinks.

The biggest thing he has noted has been improved sleep, especially deep sleep.

Sleep Strategies & Deep Sleep

Andrew has even had some drinks and still seen improved sleep.

Andrew and Niki have both seen magnesium supplementation before sleep helping sleep.

Andrew stumbled on the benefits of sodium before bed after eating popcorn and noticing he did not get up to go to the bathroom. Stan Efferding has actually recommended this (not eating popcorn but just the sodium) as well.

Andrew has also began to read before bed, not on his phone, and this has helped with his pre-sleep routine.

Let us know if you have any questions on sleep strategies!




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