Don’t Prioritize. De-Prioritize.

Don’t prioritize. De-prioritize. First identify and remove the things that provide you no value. Pull those weeds!

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Don’t Prioritize. De-prioritize. Remove Things That Provide No Value

If you’re looking to create your GAMEplan, first remove those tasks and goals that do not provide you value. Remove the unimportant and non-urgent.

One way Matt has identified these tasks is by how he creates his daily to-do list.

He has a to-do list that populates on his tablet or phone every day. He simply renames it.

When he notices the items that consistently don’t get done, it’s probably time to reconsider them (and likely remove them).

Don’t prioritize. De-prioritize.

You can think about this with nutrition too. There are so many calories you can eat (or want to eat). What on your plate is not moving you closer toward your goals and does not matter to you?

For nutrition, this can help you identify your non-negotiables – those foods or activities such as a small dessert in the evening, pizza on Fridays, etc. that provide you value and you desire to remain in any nutrition plan you follow.

Don’t prioritize. De-prioritize.




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