Involuntary Hardship with Jordan Harbinger – Episode 383

Jordan Harbinger, hugely successful podcaster and fascinating character in his own right, talks to Matt and Niki about his journey through involuntary hardship that he underwent a few years ago.

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A few years ago, Jordan was on a different large podcast that was not his own. During his time on the podcast, he matured and over time felt he needed a way to exit from this podcast. He had negotiated an amicable exit, but ultimately booted unceremoniously and had to deal with losing his podcast and–ultimately–his identity, as he had built up an identity as part of the old venture.

Matt and Jordan linked up soon after this, as Brett McKay connected them, knowing that Matt had undergone a similar struggle being kicked out of an organization that he had identified with.

Before this, he had felt like he couldn’t leave. As he worked through the process, he found that getting booted was a gift. He had both the freedom and responsibility of his own brand and his own podcast. He found that those around him believed in him more than he did–a weird experience, as entrepreneurs often believe in their ventures more than anyone else.

He had to both mourn the loss of his old project and identity while pushing forward, even when he didn’t necessarily believe in his new project.

He decided to focus on his own podcast as opposed to spending money, time, and emotionality of fighting through lawfare. He had to consider what is good for him, his new venture, and those he cared about, and that was NOT with lawsuits and bitterness.

Ultimately, he summed up the whole episode with a pithy expression many of us can relate to: “wading through the crap to get to where we are now.”




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