Gym Shorts: The Barbell Row

New to the barbell row or looking for a quick technique tutorial? Learn correct form in one short video.

How To Barbell Row

Gym Shorts videos provide short video demonstrations of correct form for various exercises.

Follow these steps:

  • Bar: 1″ forward of midfoot
  • Grip: about one hand width outside knurling
  • Breathe between reps
  • Chest up hard
  • Flat back
  • Aim for your upper abs
  • Minimize trunk movement
  • Start each rep from the floor
  • Reset back for each rep

The barbell row is an accessory lift that trains the muscles of the upper back and biceps. It is a great addition to someone’s strength training program, and often replaces the deadlift as a light pull toward the end of linear progression.

While we love chin ups and pull ups, not everyone has access to a pull up bar. Also, many people will need to perform banded chin ups and negatives to be able to perform their first pull up or chin up.

We also prefer the barbell row over the power clean because the barbell row requires less coordination and does not stress the joints or involve jumping like the power clean. Almost anyone can row.

Click HERE to check out our in depth tutorial on the barbell row and HERE to learn how to program accessory and assistance work.




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