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How To Floor Press

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Increase Your Bench Press with THIS Lift

In today’s video, we teach you a bench press supplemental exercise known as the floor press.

The floor press is an effective supplemental lift for increasing bench press strength, and is often used by powerlifters and strength sport athletes alike. It’s easy to perform and requires minimal equipment – a barbell, plates and a squat rack is all you need.

Most importantly, the floor press works the weak point of the bench press — a main objective of any supplemental exercise. If your weak point in a bench press is a few inches above your chest – if this is where the bar often gets “stuck” – the floor press is an effective exercise for you.

How To Floor Press

Start by laying down on the floor with your legs stretched out, feet relaxed. Keep your knees straight and don’t bend your knees. Take a normal bench press grip, breathe, unrack, lower down, pause and fire back up to the lockout.

As you lower the weight down to the floor slowly, stop and pause when your elbows touch the ground.

Check out our complete bench press tutorial if you need some help with your regular bench press!




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