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Choosing Excellence Over Mediocrity

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Opportunity to Pursue Excellence

Happy New Year and Happy 2019! It’s been an amazing year for Barbell Logic and Barbell Logic Online Coaching. Thank you for watching our videos, listening to our podcast and reading our articles.

As a community at Barbell Logic and BLOC, we noticed the one thing we have in common is the pursuit of excellence – not just with strength training, but with many things.

For example, along with our love for strength training and Barbell Logic, we also love philosophy, great whiskey, food and coffee, music, and artistry. We recognize there’s something better out there.

A Challenge for the New Year

This year, we’d like to challenge you to be the best at whatever you pursue. Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a custodian or a strength coach, strive to be the best and pursue excellence in your workplace and beyond.

If you accept this challenge, 2019 might just be the best year of your life.




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