Automated Metrics are Awesome

Automated metrics are awesome – measure & celebrate progress toward your or your clients’ goals AUTOMATICALLY. Awesome.

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Automated Metrics Are Awesome – PRs Matter

PRs matter because PRs measure progress toward your or your clients’ goals. They let you know you’re on the right track (or they indicate a change is needed).

You first must develop goals based on your deep motivations and values. Then, decide on metrics that align with this goal. If these metrics increase – if you hit PRs – you are moving closer toward your goals.

Over time, you’ll need to reassess your goals and PRs. You may get injured or reach a point where all-time, outright PRs are behind you (no more 1RMs). This is okay.

What you’ll have to do is create new PRs to track. Maybe you track PRs after 40. You could track PRs at your lighter weight. Tracking volume PRs, consistency PRs, PRs at different rep & set schemes, or PRs for accessory or supplemental lifts could help you assess progress toward your goals.

Ultimately, PRs motivate clients and measure progress toward goals, indicating if you and your client are on the right path, or you need to change something.

Automated Metrics Are Awesome – Efficient & Effective

Don’t go out of your way to remember client PRs – track them automatically. How?

TurnKey Coach automatically tracks PRs across different rep and set schemes, for conditioning, and for consistency. As you provide video feedback, the PRs appear on the screen at the top. It’s the first thing to notice and celebrate with your client.

In your programming, you can scroll through PRs for a certain lift and aim for a PR that is there for the taking. For example, a client’s last 1RM and 5RM were all-out, RPE 10 grinders. The client, though, may not have gone for a 3RM for a long time. Instead of trying to eke out a small 1RM or 5RM PR that might not be there, go for the easier 3RM PR.

Automated metrics are awesome.





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