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Be a person of action. Act now, begin that idea today, so that your big idea doesn’t stay stuck in your head – this is the key to success.

Matt Reynolds kicks off the first Coaching Success podcast. This podcast will primarily address topics relating to things that lead to you being a successful coach, businessperson, and person.

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Be a Person of Action

Many, if not most people, have ideas for businesses they want to start, books they want to write, fitness habits they want to begin, and more. Too many – likely most – of these remain stuck in people’s heads because they never take the first step.

Don’t be one of those people. Be a person of action. Act now. Take the first step. Do something concrete that progresses you toward your goal being made a reality.

The biggest hurdle to your goal is the first hurdle. That is why you need to start now, and if not now, today. Seriously, stop reading or listening, think about your goal, and take that first action today.

Standard Operating Procedures

One thing that empowers success and limits wasted time is writing standard operating procedures. Writing a standard operating procedure might be your first step.

Matt, in his efforts to expand his gym, wrote a standard operating procedure for how to clean the gym. He had to first, of course, understand what was needed to clean the gym. This SOP, however, empowered him to hire someone to clean the gym, enabling Matt to focus on more important aspects of the business. Be a person of action – get this done today.

You could write an SOP for nightly chores for your kids. Write an SOP for your morning routine. Write an SOP for packing your gym bag. This saves time and mental effort, allowing you to focus time and energy on more important things.

Coaching Success

Writing SOPs and actually taking those first steps liberates you. You’ve been stuck in inaction and dreaming, and nothing has gotten done. Move toward that goal you’ve been wanting to accomplish. Write the SOP that frees up your time so you can begin that important project.

Also, consider what events fill your time. If you spend most of your time with unimportant, nonurgent tasks, you need to stop. Family is important, not urgent. Television is neither important nor urgent. Stopping your kid from running out into the busy street is important and urgent. Another work email is likely urgent, not important.

Be a person of action.





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