Menopause…Really We Need to Talk About It

We really need to talk about menopause. What to expect, how you make changes to lifting, nutrition, expectations, and more.

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Menopause: Causes & Expectations

Menopause is about a 10-year period of life for women where estrogen decreases, causing other changes to a woman’s biology.

Some changes include the end of the menstrual cycle, decrease in energy levels and trouble sleeping, increased difficulty trying to retain muscle mass, hot flashes, and sex drive changes.

Let’s face it, it does not sound all that fun.

But it happens, so it makes sense to understand it, prepare for it, and undergo it in a way that matches our goals and values.

Menopause: Approaching & Undergoing It Intentionally

Really, what you do in the weight room and kitchen do not change. You need to eat protein and lift heavy weights. That does not change.

Managing expectations is important. Adaptations cannot occur as quickly. You will not be able to handle as big of a dose of stress, and you will take longer to recover.

This is why Niki recommends, for those who are in a position to do so, to put on the muscle mass while it’s easier to do so before menopause.

Building the habit now and understanding how to enjoy training, over years and decades, is important. This may not be the most fun time to train, but it is important to continue to train.

We really need to talk about menopause.




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